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Caring about Learning

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St Nicolas Church of England Infant School

Caring about Learning

Our Church

Our local C of E church is St Nicolas' ( in the centre of Guildford and just a short walk from the school.
The church is very much part of the school community and the children regard it very much as their church.
Throughout the year, the children visit St Nics' Church for a variety of reasons, Harvest, Christmas and Easter being the main ones. Children also visit as part of the RE curriculum to discover what it is that makes a church distinctive (they also visit the Cathedral, Mosque and Synagogue during their time with us).
Members of St Nicolas' Church are familiar figures in school too, most notably Father Andrew, Curate Anne, and Children and Families Worker, Liam. Tuesday assemblies see all three appear in turn, interspersed with fortnightly 'Open the Book' ( performances with volunteers from several other local churches.

St Nics' Church has close links with the local United Reformed Church, bringing another dimension to the school community and enhancing further many of school experiences, such as the children's Christmas play, the Wedding of the Year (see more on the Gallery page) and the Year 2 leavers' performance.

We work in partnership with the Diocesan Education Centre which provides many services and invaluable support to the school.

Our School Prayer;
God Bless this School

May it's windows catch the sun
and it's doors be open wide
in welcome

May each room resound with laughter 
and may the walls shut out the troubles 
and hold in the cheer

May this school be filled with joy
and with the pleasure of learning
through all the days of the year