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St Nicolas' Church of England Infant School

Living life in all its fullness

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St Nicolas' Church of England Infant School

Living life in all its fullness

Meet the Governors

Jenna Clare

Jenna and her husband James have lived in Guildford since 2011, and Jenna has been a parent governor since 2020. Their eldest attended St Nics' and is now at Holy Trinity Junior School, and their youngest is currently enjoing Oak class. Jenna is a civil servant and has worked in various Whitehall posts, and uses her experience of government to help support St Nics' staff to continue to deliver for our children. 

Robin Holdsworth

I trained as an analytical chemist in London.  My wife and I moved with our two young children to Guildford in 1973. I have worked for over 50 years in the construction industry in which I have managed companies at home and abroad. During my expat life I helped to set up a primary and junior school in Dubai. In between my overseas appointments I have been a regular member of All Saints’ Onslow Village holding various posts as Churchwarden, PCC Secretary and am currently chairman of the Premises Vision Group. I maintain a keen interest in cricket and hockey although I have retired as a player, trainer and umpire.

James Armstrong

I became a Foundation Governor in November 2018 and am excited to have joined a talented team of governors. I live locally and have 3 children with the eldest loving year 1 and the second itching to start in reception next year. St Nics is a small school but it plays a large part in local life, its values radiate through everything and makes it a really special place. I look forward to supporting the school in any way I can to ensure the best possible experience and outcomes for all of the children as they start their education. Away from St Nics, I work in London as Finance Director of a technology consultancy. And away from work I enjoy being active and outdoors and spending time with family and friends.

David Sharpin

My name is David Sharpin. I have recently retired having been a banker in the City for the last almost 40 years. Whilst I am at heart a Large Corporate banker, I have also spent a lot of time in Strategy Risk, Finance and Corporate Governance roles. Clearly, banking has changed enormously during that period and had its fair share of crises. I was heavily involved in minimising the fallout from some of those crises, ensuring that lessons were learned and acted upon and spearheading some of the technological advancements in the current banking system. Constant change became a way of life! Having seen our children grow up, and recently become a grandparent for the first time, I am keenly aware of the importance of a quality infant school education when enthusiasm can be enhanced and confidence and an attitude to learning can be instilled, which will stay with them for life. I am also keen to see traditional Christian values kept at the heart of the education system from which our future leaders and influencers will emerge. 


Jo Radley

Hi, I am Jo Radley, I am now retired but but for 17 years I worked as a Teaching assistance at Queen Eleanor's School and previously to that as a TA in St Nicholas School. I have been a member of St Nicolas Church congregation for 27 years. I look forward to helping to strenghten the links between the church and the school.


Ben Evans

I am a proud father to two wonderful children and am extremely fortunate to have an incredible wife with whom I get to share life in all its fullness. I enjoy keeping fit, am an avid DIYer (when time permits) and am passionate about older cars. I am from a family of Educators with my Grandfather being a headmaster for over 30 years and both my parents being teachers and housemasters for 40 years. I hope that some of the knowledge gleaned from my upbringing when combined with the decision making processes and structure of my day job will enable me to be a valued member of the Governing Board of St Nics'. If you spot me out and about please do feel free to say hi.