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St Nicolas' Church of England Infant School

Living life in all its fullness

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St Nicolas' Church of England Infant School

Living life in all its fullness

Our School Vision



Our Vision Statement

Our school community lives life in all its fullness:

Through a love of learning,

By having a sense of unity,

Understanding right and wrong,

Being able to persevere through life’s challenges

With dignity and respect for ourselves and others

And with hope for the future and all that it brings.


Our vision is inspired by Jesus' words and is brought to life in everything we do and all that we are. It is our vision for every member of the school community, from the newest baby sibling, to the oldest great grandparent; from the children in our care, to the adults in the classrooms; the support staff and governors who make our work possible and all who come through our doors. The vision is embodied and articulated most strongly through our Christian Values:



We aim to:

  • teach children to understand and respect the beliefs and cultures of others,
  • develop children who are accepting of each other and who form positive relationships,
  • help children to appreciate all we have.


We aim to:

  • be a highly inclusive school at the heart of the community,
  • encourage children to show responsibility for themselves, those around them and the wider world,
  • have a strong, caring ethos, based on Christian principles of love and friendship.


We aim to:

  • foster in our children emotional intelligence and a love of learning,
  • enable children to become independent learners,
  • develop learners who are thoughtful and reflective.


We aim to:

  • nurture children’s self-belief so they have the confidence to be the best they can be,
  • equip children with confidence for lifelong learning,
  • foster a sense of empowerment that we all make a difference in our world. 


We aim to:

  • teach children who show empathy to everyone, irrespective of  differences,
  • help children who recognise that forgiving each other is at the heart of positive relationships,
  • develop children who are able to be courageous, challenge injustice and look beyond themselves to consider the needs of others.


We aim to:

  • provide an environment with a ‘have a go’ culture and ethos, where mistakes are a valuable part of learning,
  • support children when coping with challenges resulting in resilient learners,
  • encourage children to have the self-confidence to step out of their comfort zone and take positive risks.