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St Nicolas' Church of England Infant School

Living life in all its fullness

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St Nicolas' Church of England Infant School

Living life in all its fullness

Relationships, Sex and Health Education

Intent - Our Vision

We want our children to:

  • Learn about themselves as developing individuals and as members of their communities, building on their own experiences.
  • Learn the basic rules and skills for keeping themselves healthy and safe
  • Behave kindly and with respect for themselves and others.
  • Learn to understand their own and other people’s feelings.
  • Become aware of the views, needs and rights of other people.
  • Learn social skills such as how to share, take turns, play, help others, resolve simple arguments and resist bullying.
  • Take an active part in the life of the school and its local community.


Implementation - How we will deliver this to achieve our goal

  • The RSHE curriculum in our school is delivered through specific lessons and our Values-learning approach which runs through everything we do.
  • We strongly encourage independence, self-esteem and self-help skills, and use Circle Time to teach children how to listen to and consider each other.
  • By creating a strong sense of community with an ethos of dignity and respect, children feel valued and learn to value others.
  • We actively seek the views of our pupils. For Year 1 and Year 2, ideas and issues are discussed in class, feeding into The School Council which meets with the Link Teacher regularly; one member visits pupils in Reception, to listen to their ideas.
  • The children also have opportunities to show they can take some responsibility for themselves and their environment, in the classroom, at home and with the guidance of our school Green Team - a team of children and adults who lead our journey to become an Eco School.


Impact - How we know our vision has come to fruition

Our children are ready for the next stage of their educational journey, leaving us with:

  • The empathy and motivation to treat others well.
  • Understanding their own emotions and how to manage them.
  • A sense of dignity, in which they understand their own value.
  • Confidence to stand up for what they believe in and challenge injustice and unfairness.
  • Skills to live a healthy life and assess and manage age-appropriate risks.