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Living life in all its fullness

Eco Schools Green Flag Award

Our school has achieved the Eco-Schools Green Flag accreditation with distinction and we have elected our new Green Team! These are four Year 1 children who will work with Miss Staniforth to lead the school in becoming more eco-friendly. We believe that finding ways to ‘save the world’ by protecting and improving the environment will enhance the ability for everyone to ‘Live life in all its fullness’ (John 10:10). Particularly through developing a deep appreciation for the natural world and taking part in practical action, giving us hope for the future and all that it brings.



Our school vision runs through all we do, including our Eco Schools work:

We have been learning about our Carbon Footprint and what we can do to reduce it.

Our Stumpery Habitats!

Green Team have worked hard on clearing an area beside the steps down to Portsmouth Road and create a beautiful stumpery habitat, which we hope will become a home for lots of local wildlife. We have also created a stumpery habitat beside the top gate. These provide an appealing home to wildlife in these shady spots and are attractive features for our human visitors and school family to enjoy too!

Green Team Survey

Green Team have worked very hard on finding ways we can save energy and take care of our planet. They wrote a short survey for you and the whole school community to complete, the PDF below shows the results of the survey. 

Our Little Free Library is up and running!


We are very grateful to the White Lion Walk in Guildford for donating the special blue sentrybox shed to house the library. Our aim is that the library will be a way to reduce waste and save energy by providing an opportunity for our school community to donate books they no longer want and borrow or adopt preloved books, instead of buying new, as well as fostering a love of books and reading.


Green Team were very excited to choose a
book to take home!



Minutes of Green Team Meetings, 2022-23

Here are some of the things we've done in the past few years ...

Eco Week 

We are learning how to save the world!

We have made an art wall from recycled materials, which we hope to be able to paint again and again to have a changing art feature. We even learnt how to use a staple gun (but only with an adult!) to attach the cardboard to the wall.

We made a musical instrument from old bottles and jars stood up in a trough of sand. We carefully poured water into the containers and then discovered that different amounts of water make different sounds when you blow across the open top of the container.

We even mended the loop on a coat, using our sewing skills!

We found out on Tuesday that we have been awarded our first Eco Schools badge, which was very exciting. Mrs Ip explained that our next challenge is to work on attracting wildlife to the school grounds, so we came up with lots of ideas for how to do this. The children wanted to grow flowers for butterflies and bees, so we decided to spend some of the enterprise money we made last term on sunflower seeds!

We made a wormery to learn more about how worms recycle plant waste into plant food.

We began making a rag rug as a way to use fabric scraps from our sewing that are too small to sew with.

We made signs and posters to remind each other to turn off taps and lights when they’re not needed.

We learnt about how art can send a message without using words and tried to work out what message artists were trying to send when they made art from recycled materials. We also watched some mime and dance with an eco theme and worked out the message from the actions. This inspired us to create some art (2D pictures, 3d sculpture or performing art) to send a message to an audience. At the end of the day, everyone showed/performed their art to the class and we discussed the messages in the artwork.

We wrote about how to save the world and made toys and presents from recycled materials.

Tree Planting

We learnt about Greta Thunberg and how she is inspiring people to look after the world, then in Forest School, Year 2 planted some new trees in our school grounds. We then asked if we could say prayers to ask God to help the trees grow big and strong! Year 1 have also been planting trees in their Forest School sessions.

Beech Class scattering wild flower seed bombs