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Living life in all its fullness

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St Nicolas' Church of England Infant School

Living life in all its fullness



Intent - Our Vision

At St Nics' we want our children to:

  • Be physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness.
  • Take part in sport and other activities.
  • Understand how values such as fairness and respect are embedded in P.E. activities.
  • Value the importance of physical well-being and the link to mental health and well-being. 
  • Achieve their personal best rather than competition against others.
  • Take part in team work through our value of unity.
  • Use the reflective learning tool for children to analyse and narrate their successes and struggles.
  • Develop simple skills for fuelling their future leaning.
  • Have an attitude of "Can I win? Will I win? Will I take part anyway?"


    Implementation - How we will deliver this to achieve our goal

    • Cross curricular: literacy links, music and movement.
    • Forest School and Outdoor Learning.
    • Brain Breaks.
    • Continuous provision encourages physical activity eg activities based in sensory circuits on weekly Challenge Charts.
    • Specialist teacher employed weekly to teach dance.
    • Annual events: Healthy Hearts Sponsored run, Sports day.
    • After school activities have a big focus on physical activity (Dodgeball, Football, Multi-sports, Boogie Pumps).
    • Eco-therapy sessions are run weekly outdoors 1:1.
    • Playground resources include climbing wall and sport activities led by Lunchtime Learning Leaders.
    • Reception outdoor area resources include plentiful gross motor activities having been refurbished 2020.
    • Cross referencing to Fundamental Movement Skills to ensure coverage and progression eg dribbling, passing, retrieving, scoring.


    Impact - How we know our vision has come to fruition

    Our children are ready for the next stage of their educational journey, leaving us:

    • With a desire to show their best and experience progress and success.
    • Having the confidence to try new things and step outside comfort zone.
    • With the opportunities to work as a team, recognise the importance of healthy living and with effective fine and gross motor control.

    Skills Progression: PE (Physical Education)                  St Nicolas’ Infant School

    In KS1, statements in bold are non-negotiable in order to reach Expected Standard (no Greater Depth option).


    Reception EYFS

    Year 1

    Year 2



    Negotiate space and obstacles safely, with consideration for themselves and others.


    Begin to throw and catch with partner.


    Participate in underarm and overarm activities with increasing accuracy and control.

    Throw and catch a ball with a partner.


    Move fluently by changing direction and speed & avoiding collisions.


    Show control and accuracy with rolling, underarm throwing, striking and kicking a ball.


    Understand the concepts of aiming & hitting into space or into an objective.


    Take the ball to a good position for aiming.


    Try to win by changing the way they use skills in response to their opponent's actions.

    Pass a ball accurately to a partner over a variety of distances.


    Perform a range of rolling, throwing, striking, kicking, catching and gathering a ball, with control.


    Move fluently by changing direction according to compass points, changing speed and avoiding collisions.


    Vary skills and show some understanding of simple tactics.


    React to situations in a way that helps their partners and makes it difficult for their opponent.


    Move energetically, such as running, jumping, dancing, hopping, skipping and climbing.

    Move confidently and safely.


    Perform phrases.


    Recognise how their body feels after exercise.

    Explore, remember and repeat dance actions.


    Compose and perform dance and short phrases.


    Describe how different dance movements make them feel.


    Participate in a variety of specific midline activities more consistently and accurately.


    Demonstrate strength, balance and coordination when playing.

    Explore gymnastics movements.


    Move safely and with confidence.               


    Watch, copy and describe what others have done.


    Perform movement phrases using a range of body parts and actions.

    Remember, repeat and link gymnastics movements.


    Move safely and with confidence.


    Perform movement phrases using a range of body parts and actions, and use information they have gained through watching or listening.