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Caring about Learning

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St Nicolas Church of England Infant School

Caring about Learning

Current Priorities

School Development Plan (SDP) Priorities 2018-2019


Priority 1

Leadership and Management:

To ensure that governors effectively evaluate the impact of the SDP (OFSTED target)

To develop greater outcomes for every child, than would be individually possible, through collaborative school to school partnerships. 

To introduce an appraisal process for Support Staff to ensure continued development.


Priority 2

Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment:

To ensure children are clear on how their learning is progressing over time, through effective feedback and marking systems, with time provided to respond.

To ensure the most able learners are sufficiently challenged.

To ensure parents are fully informed of the progress of their child, and provided with the necessary skills to support learning at home.


Priority 3

Personal Development, Welfare and Behaviour:

To make the Christian basis of the school’s values more explicit in order that all members of the school community are able to articulate this and draw upon it in living out the values

(SIAMS target).

To ensure the emotional well-being needs of both staff and pupils are met.


Priority 4

Outcomes for Pupils:

To ensure our most able learners are appropriately challenged to ensure Greater Depth attainment is more in line with national and local data.


Priority 5

Effectiveness of Early Years Provision:

To ensure a highly stimulating environment and exceptional organisation of the curriculum providing rich, varied and imaginative experiences.

To increase parental involvement in their child's learning.